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medical assistance was cancelled..need help paying for sons prescriptions

iamworkingpoor started this conversation

Hello, i am a mother of 2 children ages 13 and 14.  My 13 year old son has a genetic disease known as LCHAD.  It is a disorder that doesn't allow the body to metabolize fats and sugars from his liver.

Many health problems are associated with this disease like heart problems, liver problems, failing kidneys, blindness, weak immune system and muscel deterioration. My son suffers from all the above.

Anyway, his MA was cancelled for whatever reason and now I am having problems paying for all of his 13 different medications.  Some are inexpensive but some are quite spendy like one of them which is called "MCT" oil which goes for over $300 a bottle. Most average between $25 and $100 per prescription.

I do work but after I pay the necessities it makes it hard to buy his medications.

I could also use help getting my kids some decent school clothes which I haven't had the money to do yet.

Please help me if you can...


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